Why We Save the Seniors


Every day, someone’s lifelong, loyal friend is abandoned or left behind. Senior dogs all too often risk euthanasia only because of their age and health conditions, not the quality of life they have left to live and give.

We look forward to the day when no one feels justified to say to a vet, “Look at her. She’s old,” as a reason to euthanize a dog and no one dumps a dog on a street or in a field because of (treatable) health issues that coincide with older age. We are moving markedly to the day when senior dogs are seen to be just as adoptable as younger dogs, and indeed, when these loyal, loving best friends are cherished in their original homes rather than discarded as a commodity that is no longer convenient.

Our vision is a world where senior lives are valued and cherished. Until that day arrives, we work for every senior dog who seems to have run out of options – the homeless, abandoned, or the dogs deemed unadoptable – so that they will instead have a loving and permanent home, and that their transition from this life will be in the arms of someone who loves them.

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