Founder Jean Stelten rescued her first dog when she was 8 years old. In the past 16 years, she has personally rescued and fostered 167 dogs. Jean founded Top Dog Foundation with the express purpose to save senior dogs, and she also co-founded MN Sheltie Rescue in 2003. She is frequently contacted to take dogs who have difficult or terminal health issues, those who need an outlet for their energy, a lot of exercise to lose obese weight, and of course, senior dogs. Of the 29 dogs who have shared her personal home, 26 were rescued.  Alone, she helped a terrified young puppy mill mother birth her litter of five puppies after the mother was quarantined for biting a veterinarian. Her work with dogs has been chronicled by Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet, the New York Times, and NBC’s Today Show, among others. She remains committed to the goal that every dog deserves a great life, and the seniors rescued by Top Dog Foundation will live out their “golden years” as a great chapter in their lives.

Board of Directors    

Jean Stelten-Beuning, Founder, Top Dog Foundation and Owner, Top Dog Country Club

Kati Jackson, Manager, Chuck & Don’s Pet Food & Supplies

Pam Kosanke, CEO, 24 K Brands

Caroline Melberg, Owner, Small Business Mavericks, Inc.

Angela Tangen, Fund Development Consulting, t2K Strategies, LLC


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