Hoover’s Taxi Network by Top Dog Foundation


Not too long ago, Don turned Hoover over to our care. Knowing he could not take Hoover with him to an assisted living facility, Don asked us to find a loving home for 10-year-old Hoover. No one liked the situation, and the best human instincts came to the fore.

In honor of Hoover and Don, we established “Hoover’s Taxi Network,” volunteer drivers who ferry dogs to visit their senior people in facilities that cannot also take in their best friends.

When Top Dog Foundation seeks adopters for the dogs of people who cannot take their beloved dog with them, we seek adopters who agree to stay in touch. When needed, volunteers provide the transportation that keeps two lives – dog and their senior person – happy and connected.

Volunteers coordinate visits to fit the needs of the person in the facility and the adoptive family. Hoover’s Taxi Network intends to serve the best interests of everyone involved. We ask that all parties put the welfare of the dog first, however, ensuring that the dog remains secure and content within the adoptive family.

Please contact us if Hoover’s Taxi Network may help you and your dog. You may also volunteer to be a “taxi” driver or help us coordinate this all-volunteer service.

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