Top Dog Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) U.S. IRS status operating foundation registered in Minnesota and managed by staff and volunteers “in the field” with no specific office or headquarters.

We do not shelter or house rescued dogs but prospective approved adopters may enjoy a personal visit with the dog under our care at a foster home or other site.

Top Dog Foundation
5120 Vega Avenue
Hollywood Township
New Germany, MN 55367


For general questions or information
Fax:  952-472-8149


For questions about adoption or surrender
please contact our program coordinator


Please contact us with questions, ideas, opportunities, or any matter that you desire. We operate to benefit senior dogs – and to help anyone support and participate in working toward the ultimate goal of a “forever” home for these dogs.

Our ability to respond to urgent situations is limited by our capacity within the network of supporters, volunteers, foster homes, and other factors. But we want to be useful and supportive regardless of immediate solutions – and we encourage you to contact us for any urgent situation!


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