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1. You must have an application on file to inquire about a dog or get questions answered about a dog. No exceptions. Once an application is received, we are happy to answer any and all questions about any dog.   2. We evaluate each application and may follow up your application to find a convenient time to meet with you in your home. This home visit ensures the best match between your interests and a best fit for a dog. We are not interested in making the quickest match, we are interested in making the best, lifelong match. 3. Following the home visit, we can make arrangements for you to meet a dog. All of our dogs are in foster homes. Fosters have input into decisions about placing a dog into an adoptive home, but they are not responsible for finding adopters. 4.  We do not charge adoption fees but always welcome donations.

Bonnie – Adoption Pending

Cuddlebug Bonnie loves people. LOVES PEOPLE. Dogs and everyone else are fine too.  If you love speckles, she offers them in a variety of locations and options.  She likes walks, watching movies from the couch, and interestingly enough, she likes a neat and tidy house....

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Super sweet Jackpot has a ton of happiness, manners, and a great approach to life! Jackpot spent 18 months in a shelter healing from a horrific case of mange. He came out on top, and has been in a foster home for us living a great life! What we know is that his...

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She is sooooooo affectionate! At 7, Keila loves people to the nth degree! She gets along with dogs, cats, kids, and at 40 pounds she still fits the description of "love bug." This girl will be great in a family or one-on-one, the only thing she knows how to be is...

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Molly is an 11-year-old sweet girl who would love a person all her own. Molly plays beautifully all day long with a group of dogs yet will likely do best if she is the only dog in her home, She soaks up attention and affection but startles easily and needs quiet...

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