Top Dog Foundation believes every dog deserves a great life. This means that no expense is spared to support the quality of life, including veterinary care and ongoing medical treatment, nutrition, comfort, and the opportunity to play, stroll, or nap safely and freely. When the quality of a dog’s life declines—when difficult days exceed good days—we bring our friends to veterinarians with whom we have a longtime relationship, those who know our intention to provide quality care at all stages of life. Our commitment is that dogs we rescue will pass out of this life in the arms of someone who loves them.

Top Dog Foundation places dogs in foster homes and adoptive homes with a 100% annual save rate. In 2016, one dog in the care of a foster home was euthanized after several months, when the quality of her life was no longer sustainable. In February of 2019, we euthanized one dog who had been in hospice foster care for five months when he too indicated there was no more quality of life ahead. 

TDF Adoption Statistics
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