To rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a loving and permanent home for dogs that are deemed “un-adoptable” because of age and health; that would otherwise be unnecessarily euthanized.


That every senior dog; homeless, abandoned, or labeled “un-adoptable” and scheduled for expiration because of age, and health, will have a loving and permanent home . . . that their transition from this life will be in the arms of someone who loves them.

The Sanctuary . . . . Bentley’s Place

We have the property use donated. We have the construction plans and county approvals.
Now we just need the funding to make this first-ever facility a reality.

It will be supported by Top Dog Country Club, www.topdogcountryclub.com, a world-renowned vacation club
for dogs in New Germany, Minnesota, with a 16+ year history of trend-setting excellence in caring for dogs.


Top Dog Foundation will create a facility . . . not a shelter but a “Top Dog Country Club-style” home for approximately 100-120 senior dogs that have no other options. Some come to us when owners pass away or move to assisted living; others from shelters and rescue groups; and still others that have been abandoned. Dogs will be selected by age and health status. Through our Home for Every Aging Heart program, we will attempt to find a senior person interested in adoption that would enjoy the companionship . . . saving two lives by helping them find one another. For others, whose health issues are such that they need more care and cannot find an adopter, those dogs will live out their lives in this one of a kind senior living facility for dogs.

Well-socialized dogs will room together in large suites with 5 or 6 friends that enjoy each other’s company. They will have plush beds and doors leading to private patios. Group activities will be planned to keep them engaged, including walking trails and an indoor park for bad weather. Weekly checkups and appropriate therapies will ensure they are healthy and happy.

The facility will include the following: 

  • 10,000-15,000 sq. ft. building (existing as well as additions)
  • Private / Group suites for 100-120 dogs
  • Veterinary clinic and convalescent care
  • Hydrotherapy/ultrasound therapy
  • 20,000 sq ft outdoor park
  • Indoor park
  • Training center
  • Crematory

Financial Support

  • Top Dog Foundation is a 501©(3) non-profit organization funded completely through private donation and corporate sponsorship.
  • Construction will be funded with donations of cash, goods & services, labor, and private and corporate sponsorship.
  • Through our Dogs & Angels Program, we offer an estate planning option for those who wish to plan for the care of their dogs, should they pre-decease them.
  • Ongoing funding for Bentley’s Place will be supported by revenues from the medical clinic, hydrotherapy and training centers, and the crematory.

Medical Clinic

The medical clinic will support the residents of Top Dog Foundation; those Home For Every Aging Heart dogs that have been adopted from Top Dog Foundation, and the general public, and will provide internship opportunities for veterinary schools.


A full-size indoor pool, an underwater treadmill, and ultrasound therapy services will be open to the residents and outside clients, and will provide educational partnership opportunities for veterinary schools.


A full training center will provide services to the general public including private and group classes and competition trials.


Compassionate, private cremation services will be offered to the general public and support veterinary clinics / pet hospitals.

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