Senior dogs are too often left behind – they are considered “un-adoptable” due to age and health-related conditions . . . We’re changing that!

We have two programs to save Senior Dogs:

A Home for Every Aging Heart

We rescue senior dogs and find new homes for them, often with senior people. We believe we are saving two lives.  We are the only local rescue group focusing completely on senior dogs, and we operate 100% on donations.

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Bentley’s Place

A permanent home for those senior dogs that we are not able to adopt out. It will not be a shelter, but rather a senior living home where they will live out their lives in comfort and with the love and care they deserve.

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Your donation will change the future for a senior dog. More than 90% of the money raised by Top Dog Foundation goes directly to our programs, so you can rest assured your donation will help save senior dogs.

Mail Your Check
(payable to Top Dog Foundation) to:
Top Dog Foundation
5120 Vega Avenue
New Germany, MN 55367

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