Top Dog Foundation announces "The Bentley Grant"

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What is The Bentley Grant?

The mission of Top Dog Foundation . . . the Sanctuary is to provide a loving and permanent home for dogs that are deemed “un-adoptable” because of age and health that would otherwise be unnecessarily euthanized.

Once open, Top Dog Foundation . . . the Sanctuary, will provide for the total care of these dogs including lodging, food, grooming, and all medical attention. As we continue our capital campaign to raise funds necessary to build the Sanctuary, it is important that we move forward with our mission of providing aging dogs a great life. The Bentley Grant was created to provide financial assistance to dog owners, rescue groups, or shelters, in conjunction with their veterinarians, to support the medical care of aging dogs with serious health-related conditions.

Who is eligible for a Bentley Grant?

Since we do not have our permanent facility, we are looking to support those situations where the owner wants to keep their aging dog, but cannot afford procedures or medications necessary to allow for a continued quality of life. We will also provide financial support to rescue organizations and shelters that have foster homes for the dogs needing the care.

To be eligible for the Bentley Grant, dogs must satisfy criteria established for the Top Dog Sanctuary. Top Dog Foundation focuses on those dogs 10 years of age and older (adjusted by breed) with health issues that require medical procedures and/or ongoing medications and special care.

What is the application process?
Applications are available on the Top Dog Foundation website: Once applications are received, they are reviewed by a selection committee and funds will be awarded.
How much money will be available and when?
Grants will be made each quarter, not to exceed a total of $5,000. More than one grant may be awarded based upon applications received. Grant application deadlines are: February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1.

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